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broken glass. broken hearts.

k.cee aesthetics
15 May
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"All The World Is Mad"

    My name is K.Cee, I am nineteen years old and hail from the East Bay of Northern California. I'm currently in my second year of college getting my prerequisites done so that I can become a sort of webdesigner/graphic arts/whatever else creative I can do.

    That little guy in the background of my picture is my Netherland Dwarf Remy, named after the X-Men Character Remy Etienne "Gambit" Labeau. I consider myself a self-certified nerd because with that love of comics comes a love of 1940's-50's style, Japanese and Korean Culture, Roleplaying and die-hard fandom of the bands Dir En Grey and Thrice. If you know either one I can talk your ear off about both.

So stalk me. Friend me. Poke me. I'm open for new friends. ♥

-No Hotlinking.
-Comment when taking any graphics.
-Do not redistribute as your own work.
-Textless icons are NEVER bases unless otherwise stated.
-Do not bash, although criticism is very much welcomed.
-Requests will be taken if posted in the correct section.
-Please credit makethemsweat.
-Personal entries are Friends Only so please comment somewhere to be added for that.
-Layouts are Friends Locked.

Have a request? Post it here. Fulfilled request comments will be deleted afterward.
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